President’s Message ()

As I begin my second year as president of the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club, I appreciate and admire all of the runners who have been a part of the club for so many years and the members who are just starting and are eager to take on new running goals. This club continues to impress …

2017 Major Award Winners ()

Congratulations to the following 2017 Steeps Major Award Winners for your achievements and contributions to our local running community!

Rising Star Women – Erica McCann

Rising Star Men – Louis Schiavone

Most Improved Women – Lindsey Weaver

Most Improved Men – John Duffy

Iron Pup – Mosley Ridgway

Iron Woman – Rachel Ridgway

Iron Man …

Which Shoe for You? Just Ask Your Feet ()

by S. Nicole Davis, DPT

Shoes! So many options. So many opinions. How can a runner possibly figure out which shoe is the right shoe for their foot and style of running?

I’m going to lay this out there right at the beginning – there is no magic shoe! Stop looking for the shoe that …

Faster in the Past ()

by Brent Ayer

25 Years Ago: Highlights from 1993

John Doub ran 26:42 to out leg David Shafer (27:04) to win the Autumn Leaves 5 Miler held at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Other Steeplechaser notables who finished that day included Dwayne Late (17th), Tim O’Keefe (18th), Joe Myers (24th), …

Racing Team Results ()

December 2017 – February 2018

Date                Race                                                   Athletes / Results 

2/25/2018 RRCA Club Challenge 10 miler Ruth Taylor 1:18:26, Lou King 1:23:06, Harriet Langlois 1:29:03, Chris VanSant 1:08:08
1/20/2018 Lewis Memorial Race 10 Miler Harriet Langlois 1:41:20, Jennifer Hallberg 1:10:28 (1st Female), Chris VanSant 1:08:40, Ruth Taylor 1:22:01
1/14/2018 Medford 5k Chris VanSant 19:15 (3rd

FSRC Officers & Key Volunteers ()

President – Jill Cameron

Vice President – Eric Cameron

Secretary – Nicole Davis

Treasurer – Harriet Langlois

Board of Directors – Brent Ayer, Pam Geernaert, Lou King, Mark Lawrence, Tim O’Keefe, John Stuart

Calendar – Jenny Hallberg

Competition – Shannon Matthews & Ruth Taylor

Communications & Bimonthly News Blast – Anne Shubert

Community Liaison – …

President’s Message ()

As I wrap up my first year as the president of this incredible running club, I think about what I am thankful for and goals I have for this next year.

First, I am thankful I can and want to run. It always makes me smile when I share with “non-runners” that I run. They …