Pre-Ordered Steeps Trail – Long Sleeves


Use this link to pay for all PRE-ORDERED long sleeve and raglan Steeps Trail products. We know the size and style you ordered and will make sure you get the correct products.

NOTE: If you ordered more than one shirt in this category you will need to adjust the quantity.  For example if you ordered both a performance long sleeve and a tri-blend long sleeve tee, your quantity will be “2”.

SEE BELOW in DESCRIPTION if you don’t remember what quantity of long sleeve tees you ordered.

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Quantities –

x 1 = (SGee,  MTra, GWhi, JBoo, APap, PGee, KHol, BCol, CDiM, CSta, BMee, CMcL, EStO, RHal, MJac, SNag, HNov, LWea)

x 2 = (JMel, KMcH)

x 3 = (NDav)