Shirt Sale Open through July 17

SHIRT SALE! We are taking orders for shirts. You can go to to buy them now through July 17.
We expect to have the material in hand to distribute in the beginning of August.
We have tech tanks (sleeveless), short sleeve and long sleeve in neon green (men’s) and neon pink (women’s). Sizes are S-XXL for men and XS-XXL for ladies in all of the styles.
You will have to “register”, putting in your name, address, email address (very important) and birth date before you purchase the merchandise. Yes we know this is kind of backwards, but this is the easiest way for us to take your payment at the moment.
If you would like to take a look at them before “registering”, you can see them at
THE STORE WILL CLOSE July 17, after which we will make our order.