Race Services

We are low-cost and old-school!  Timing is performed manually by clocking runners in as they finish on a fancy printing stopwatch. Bib pull-tags are collected as runners finish to confirm the finishing order and sort out any issues or discrepancies.

We provide affordable finish line/timing, course marking, and promotion services. For more information, see our Race Services page.


Low-key races are free so that’s a big discount!  We do not offer discounts for our Signature Races, but if you plan ahead and watch the FSRC communication channels, the early-bird entry fees are very reasonable.

We have four Signature Races and four Low-Key Races. The Signature Races are our big-deal races with lots of amenities. The net proceeds of these races are donated to charitable organizations/projects in the Frederick community. Our low-key races are simple (and fun!) events and are free for FSRC members.