Steeps Trail and Ultra Running

The Trail Steeps are a collection of Steeplechasers who enjoy running on trails. Members span all paces and level of ability, from road runners enjoying an occasional run out in nature, to ultra runners training for their next 100-miler.

Individuals interested in trying trail running are invited to attend any group run. Veteran members of the group will be happy to teach you what you need to know to begin enjoying the many miles of trails our area has to offer. Come with a can-do attitude and a sense of adventure.

Group Runs

Group runs generally occur Tuesday evenings, Thursday mornings, and Saturday and/or Sunday mornings at locations in and around Frederick.

Pace and Distance

All paces are welcome. No one will be left behind on a trail.

We do recommend that you are comfortable running at least 3 miles on the road prior to starting trail running, as that is generally the minimum mileage of our local trail routes.

While the Trail Steeps runs may be advertised as anywhere from 3 to 20+ miles, we tend to do loops to meet whatever distance members need for that day.  For example, a 20-mile run may have a first segment of 3-5 miles to drop a beginner back at her car, then may have some add-on mileage for a runner training for a 100-miler.