Inspiration & Testimonials

We could go on all day about how much we love our little running club, but we’ll give our members a chance to speak for themselves:


Here are some inspirational message collected over the years.


On April 1, 2015, a prospective member posted the following to the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club Facebook group:

I hope no one takes offense to this … tell me why you joined the Steeps and what YOU get out of it. I’m a fairly new runner and have been hesitant to officially join because I feel like race fees, shoes, appropriate gear, etc already take so much of my $$. What do you get out of this club and why do [you] renew your membership??

Here are some of the responses, which we think speak for themselves:

“I had no real expectations going in to the group. All i can say is “I’m glad i joined.” I’ve made some new friends that I hope will last forever. The support that the group gives each other is amazing. They make you feel part of a family, always cheering you on.”

The training group runs that are offered, the friendships, the support, the motivation are just a few reasons why I joined the Steeps. It is $20 a year and you get discount codes to races, free races, free training groups, awards for participating in their Grand Prix races, to me the $20 is a great deal.”

I joined just to learn from and be inspired by people that were doing things I had never done. 15 years later, I’m still learning and being inspired and have done more than I ever dreamed I could. Not sure what else you could get equivalent to that for $20 a year.”

The two free races are worth more than $20 alone. Then there’s free half and full marathon training groups that provide motivation, advice, and camaraderie. It’s great to be a Steep!”

You will recoup [some of] the $20 in race discount codes… but I joined it for the friends. I was new to town. I learned the best electricians, dentists , summer camps, etc. I found runners faster than me to push me, and slower than me who motivate me. But mostly I found genuine people of all ages, professions, etc., who love to run who will listen to your problems on a 20 mile training run, share their water with you when you forget, praise you when you kick butt at a race and sympathize with you when you are sidelined with an injury. These are more than friends. These guys are my family and I will be Steep strong because of them.”

“I joined a few years ago and I am NOT an elite runner or super athlete (believe me…) but the fun times, motivation, educational offerings from great resources and general good-spirited support at the events beats all! And there is the beer, too…”

“The group is AWESOME!!!!!!”

I trained with the marathon group last summer leading up into the fall races and they were fantastic! I was really only looking to do my first half marathon in the fall (Freedom’s Run in October), but really needed the help getting in the longer miles. As a new-to-distance runner, I felt like I reached a new distance PR every Saturday with the group training long runs! I topped out at the 16 miler, but the group went on to do up to 20 milers together. Everyone was always so encouraging and supportive…they even had me considering a full marathon for a while!

Not to mention, they provided invaluable advice about nutrition and hydration on long runs, which was completely new to me having only run up to 10ks previously. Just this year they have started doing “Education Nites” as well. There are a couple coming up about nutrition….and these are completely free as well! Advice and guidance from runners, nutritionists, physical therapists, etc!”

I have been a Steep for the most part of 23 years. I have been through so much & the Steeps have always been a constant for me; through thick & thin!”

I spent 6 years running and training for long-distance events completely on my own. I didn’t know what I was missing until I joined the Steeps. The companionship is awesome. The training programs are unbeatable, whether you’re training to run a 5-minute mile pace or a 15-minute mile pace! There are so many social, competitive, and recreational opportunities that no matter what kind of runner you are, I guarantee there will be something for you. The best part for me is meeting and running with new people who like running as much as I do. Whether it’s on a chatty long run or a fast, quiet tempo run, there is just something incredible about running with others who, no matter where they are in their walk of life, are, in those moments, just like you.”

Because for 1/8th the cost of a mud run entry you get a ready-made family of knowledgeable runners! That is hard to find at any cost.”

“You won’t find a better community of friends, advisors, supporters, motivators, cheerleaders, fellow running geeks (30-minute discussion about your new running shoes or that nagging knee pain? I’m in!), and just cool, friendly and interesting people. All levels, goals, ages, paces, distances, etc. welcome. At $20/year, it’s like the deal of the century. I hope you join us!”

“Support and encouragement. I am old and slow and have always felt welcome. When we train, the rule is “no one left behind” which I appreciate. I would not be running if not for the Steeplechasers. I only started 4 years ago after I retired.”