Twenty Steeplechasers toed the line, and finished, North Face Endurance Challenge trail races on April 29th and 30th.  With temperatures in the 90’s, July humidity to match, and no real period of heat acclimatization, this was no small feat. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, an afternoon rainstorm made for sloppy trails for the last miles heading into the finish.  Ultra running veterans Steve Dobson and Rachel Ridgway placed 1st and 3rd, respectfully, in their age groups in the 50K.  Sixteen year old Rylee Schwee placed 3rd in her age group in her first ever trail half marathon.

A few of the notable performances:
Steve Dobson: 1st age group – 50K
Bill Duke: 1st age group – 50K
Rachel Ridgway: 3rd age group – 50K
Rylee Schwee: 3rd age group – Half Marathon
Anne Shubert: First trail race – Marathon Relay
Lindsey Weaver, Kerry McHugh, Evan Machusek, Eric Gilmer, Bill Duke, Nicole Davis – First 50K finish – 50K

But while personal accomplishments were rewarding, members in attendance agreed that the best part of the North Face Endurance Challenge was the opportunity to train and hang out with fellow Steeplechasers.  For more information on trail running with the Steeplechasers, contact Nicole Davis at