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  • Website Events Problem

    Website Events Problem

    We noticed a problem with the new website and are currently working on it. The full events are not displaying venue, time, etc., which makes them not very useful. Somehow this slipped through our extensive quality assurance process 🙄. We are working on this, and may need to contact the vendor. Stay tuned.…

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  • Website Upgrade Completed

    Website Upgrade Completed

    As you can see, the website upgrade has been completed. If you have any questions, comments, or problems, please send to webmaster@sandbox.steeplechasers.org.…

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  • Website Update Coming Soon!

    Website Update Coming Soon!

    Several months ago, we embarked on a website redesign project for steeplechasers.org. The first phase is to update our website’s look and feel. This is coming soon, but we want to be clear what you’ll see at first, and what we’ll be updating over time. Initially, the look and feel will be cleaner with …

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  • Web Server Maintenance

    Web Server Maintenance

    UPDATE (6/19/23 0630): The server website resize is completed. The upgrade went uneventfully. We’ll be monitoring to see if additional tuning is required. (6/18/23) We’ve noticed the web server which hosts steeplechasers.org, scoretility.com, routetility, and several other xtility apps you may not know about has gotten somewhat slow. We plan on adding memory and some…

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  • Jun 7, 2023 Decathlon Canceled

    Jun 7, 2023 Decathlon Canceled

    Due to the National Weather Service issuing a Code Red for Air Quality today (Wed Jun 7, 2023) with the recommendation to avoid strenuous exercise, the Summer Decathlon event for this evening is cancelled. Hopefully we’ll be back at Frederick High School next Wednesday for the 600 meter run. Tim O’Keefe…

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  • Have a question? Check out our new FAQs page

    Have a question? Check out our new FAQs page

    If you have any questions about FSRC, we may have a ready answer for you at our new FAQs page. Check it out!…

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  • Sluggish website results

    Sluggish website results

    We were able to investigate the website slowdown without impacting the production system. It turns out there are two plugins which don’t play well together. For now we’ve disabled the less important one (the features are just visible to admins anyway), so the website performance should be much improved. As always, if you see any…

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  • Investigation of website behavior

    Investigation of website behavior

    Some of you may have noticed the club website has been running slowly lately. Kathy Cea and I (Lou King) believe we have tracked down the cause to be a recent update of the calendar “plugin” we use, and are working with the vendor to debug the problem. While we have a staging site to…

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  • routetility maintenance

    routetility maintenance

    routetility (steeplechasers.org Run With Us – Running Routes) is going down for maintenance shortly. Hopefully this will be an easy upgrade, but sometimes things happen. I appreciate your patience and continued support. -Lou King UPDATE: I think the upgrade was done successfully. Please let me know at lou.king@sandbox.steeplechasers.org if you see any problems.…

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  • scoretility upgrade

    scoretility upgrade

    6/6/21 2:19pm. Upgrade has been completed successfully. If you have any problems, please let us know as soon as possible by sending mail to technology@sandbox.steeplechasers.org or lou.king@sandbox.steeplechasers.org. 6/6/21 1:53pm. We’ve been doing some work on scoretility, mostly under the hood, but some of the changes will be visible to you. In particular, this should be…

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