5k Series

If you prefer short distance road races to half marathons and marathons, the 5k Series is just for you.

2017 5k Series Standings


5k Series Races

The next 5k Series will be held in 2019. Check back in January 2019 for the race schedule.


  1. It is not necessary to qualify for the Grand Prix Series to compete in the 5k Series.
  2. For each race in the series:
    1. Results will be converted into an age-performance percentage.
    2. Each percentage will be converted into a 4-digit number.
    3. This number will be the runner’s score for the race.
  3. Top 3 scores per runner will be totaled, resulting in a final score for the series.

Age-Graded Scoring

Age-graded scoring allows runners of any age and any gender to be compared fairly against each other. If you are interested in the fine details, click here. The official age-grading calculator used by FSRC for the 5k Series can be found here.


Awards for the top 3 female and male series winners will be awarded at the FSRC Year-End Celebration Banquet.