Annual Awards

Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club

Descriptions of the Steeplechasers Annual Awards

Every year, the Steeplechasers recognize people who have had outstanding years as runners, as participants/volunteers in the club, and those who have made significant contributions to the running community at large.

The selection process for these awards is somewhat subjective. This is intentional! Our annual Grand Prix, Decathlon and other competition series recognize running achievements in very objective terms, but the following awards are based on more than simply fastest times and number of finishes. They are meant to recognize a broad range of people for the impact they have had on the club during the course of the year.

As runners, we like to be inspired. This is our way of saying, “Thanks for the inspiration!”

Note that upon receiving an award, the recipient is not eligible for the same award for the next two years in order to ensure others are given a greater opportunity for consideration.

The awards are as follows:

Runner of the Year: Certainly, running performance should be a major consideration in this category. High standings in either the Grand Prix or the Decathlon should be considered, but significant performances at significant external events should also be considered. For instance, if one of our club members didn’t participate in our local events, but they went on to win a major marathon, clearly they would be worthy of consideration.

Masters Runner of the Year: Same as ROY, but for those over 40.

Grand Masters Runner of the Year: Same for those over 60.

Super Grand Masters Runner of the Year: Same for those over 70.

Junior Runner of the Year: Same as ROY, but for high school students or Spires members.

Rising Star: Can be used as an award designation for someone young or new to the club in recognition to their efforts in their first year (think “Rookie of the Year”). This could be for their performance either as a runner or as an outstanding volunteer.

Most Improved: Used to recognize club members who have taken a big step forward in their level of performance.

Ironman/woman: This award considers endurance over speed. Used to recognize exceptional levels of mileage or quantity of events as opposed their speed in competition.

Unsung Hero: This award recognizes a member who has positively influenced the club with an encouraging attitude and a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary.

Inspiration Award: This award is for a member who has shown perserverance, dedication, and determination, and gives hope and inspiration to others.

Waxter Award: Named for George and Peggy Waxter who have generously and graciously given time and support to the club and community, this award is given to the member who provided inspiration through participation and exceptional volunteerism.

President’s Award: Given to a person whose contribution to running may have transcended the boundaries of the club by having made an exceptional contribution through the years to the running community at large (think “lifetime achievement award”)