Award Winners – 2013

Grand Prix

  • Qualifiers – Completed 4 Grand Prix Series races
    • Robin McConaughey
    • Diane Breen
    • John Stuart
    • Mark Gaffigan
    • Billy Clem
    • James Meyers
    • Fred Schumacher
    • Larry Key
    • Jeffrey Jones
  • Age Group Awards
  • Female
    • 1st Sage Norton
    • 2nd Keary Johnston
    • 3rd Cassy Crouse
    • 4th Ruth Taylor
    • 5th Pam Geernaert
  • Male
    • 1st Tim Snyder
    • 2nd Erik Hinrichsen
    • 3rd Chad Ahalt
    • 4th Eamon Connelly
    • 5th Chad Connors
  • 14-29 Female
    • 1st Kristen Roy
  • 14-29 Male
    • 1st Chase Leclair
  • 30-39 Female
    • 1st Cheryl Connors
    • 2nd Jan Harris
    • 3rd Katie Staines
    • 4th Kristin McPherson
  • 30-39 Male
    • 1st Tim Thompson
    • 2nd Rick Albee
  • 40-49 Female
    • 1st Joanne Capoccia
    • 2nd Penny Beeler
  • 40-49 Male
    • 1st David Welch
    • 2nd John Way
    • 3rd Scott Merideth
    • 4th Paul Smeck
    • 5th Peter Ricciuti
  • 50-59 Female
    • 1st Lorraine Sullivan
    • 2nd Beverly Black
    • 3rd Harriet Langlois
    • 4th Anne Light
    • 5th Michelle Mitchell
  • 50-59 Male
    • 1st David Leib
    • 2nd Ron Black
    • 3rd Lou King
    • 4th Tim O’Keefe
  • 60-69 Female
    • 1st Margo Smith
  • 60-69 Male
    • 1st Malcolm Senior
    • 2nd Art Gregory
    • 3rd Bruce Attavian
    • 4th Tim Morgan
    • 5th Herman Smith
  • 70 and Over Male
    • 1st John Clarke
  • Overall Winners

Equalizer Series

This is the inaugural year for the Equalizer event. Series consists of seven races of various distances. Results are age graded. Total of best 4 races are counted towards the standings. This series puts runners of all ages on the same playing field and makes each runner compete against their own standard, not necessarily the race competition. Top 3 Male and Female receive If The shoe Fits gift certificates.

  • Female
    • 1st Keary Johnston (31,656) 79.14% avg
    • 2nd Ruth Taylor (28,977) 72.44% avg
    • 3rd Cassy Crouse (28,764pts) 71.91% avg
  • Male
    • 1st Tim Morgan (32,185) 80.46% avg
    • 2nd Malcolm Senior (31,642) 79.1% avg
    • 3rd Art Gregory (29,672) 74.18% avg

Men’s Rising Star

Prior to 2013, our rising star was a talented runner with a significant level of determination; however, he was somewhat stuck when it came to breaking into a new level of training and lowering his PRs due to what he will now say is “lack of training knowledge.”  His PRs across multiple distances were 4:56 for 1-mile, 18:20 for 5K, and 66 minutes for 10-miles.

In 2013, he and I (Tim Snyder) started training together.  In just four weeks, he lowered his 5K time to 18:02, a huge breakthrough in less than a month of healthy training.  More confident than ever, he stuck through a 24-week program with me (Tim Snyder), which is something not many runners have been able to do.  In the final phase of training, (Eamon) was able to hit PRs of 4:26 for 1-mile, 17:30 for 5K (*that was his 5K split in a 10K race I will add), and 61:47 for 10-miles.  I know for a fact he has yet to reach his potential.  I find it incredible to think how well he will run in years to come…even next year at this time.

Times aside, I think what stands out the most (about Eamon) is his positive outlook on the sport.  Throughout my running career in high school and college, even to this day, I have not met many runners with a genuine growth mindset.  These are runners that view success of others as inspiration, embrace challenges, and persist at all times.  (Eamon) has all of these attributes and sets a true example of how far one can go with hard work and effort.  Those who know him well will certainly learn a great deal about the sport, especially how to improve.

Eamon is a great friend aside to being a training partner so my vote may be biased to some, but I could not recommend a better candidate for such worthy reasons. “

Congratulations Eamon Connelly

Women’s Rising Star

Our Women’s Rising Star is fairly new to the Steeps. She has completed plenty of races over prior years, but it seems the club has brought a new vigor for running. Whether it is on the trails or with training groups at Baker Park, she always seems to be a part of the fellowship that that the Steeplechasers bring out. Judging from her race results, the Steeps have had a positive influence on her speed as well. The most notable leap was in the Freedoms Run Marathon from 2012, a 4:21:47, to 2013, a 3:54:29. She completed 4 half marathons on the year, with best of 1:43:47 at the Frederick Half Marathon.  She also significantly lowered her 5K time to a 2013 best of 22:44 at the Women’s Distance Festival in Reston, VA.  In July, our rising star took on a challenge that not many would take on willingly, the grueling Catoctin 50k. I am confident that there is much potential for even more improvement in race performances when our rising star is racing… without chatting. Look for big accomplishments in upcoming years from our 2013 Rising Star, Jan Harris.

Most Improved Male

Our Most improved male could often be seen running around town pushing a baby stroller. Maybe we should all give that a try, as it has shown to work wonders. His times continue to fall with every race at various distances.  At 10 miles – he ran the 2012 Cherry Blossom 10 miler in 1:29:16 and completed the same race in 2013 over 15 minutes faster, in 1:13:39. Half marathon – he posted a 1:42:18 at the 2012 Navy Half and dropped that to 1:34:08 on a tough 2013 Freedoms Run Half Marathon course. Over the course of 2013 he improved his 5K time of 20:40 in the spring to 19:35 at the Way Station Turkey Trot.  That stroller will keep getting heavier and I’m sure our 2013 Most Improved Runner, Javier Montenegro, will keep getting faster. Congratulations Javier Montenegro.

Most Improved Female

The numbers speak for themselves for the 2013 Most Improved Female. Her year over year improvement was remarkable. From 1:30:03 to 1:27:11 Baltimore 10 mile, from 1:56:36 to 1:49:20 Frederick Half and 4:28:29 Shamrock Marathon in 2012 to 3:58:17 Smuttynose Marathon in 2013. She returned just six days to complete the Freedom’s Run Full in a respectable 4:14:11. Her year was also highlighted by a Grand Prix age group win and finishing 23rd out of 354 in the Frederick Running Fest Nut Job. If you check our Facebook page you can see our most improved runner training in beautiful spots around the world. Congratulations Lorraine Sullivan.

Iron Woman

The Iron Man / Woman award considers endurance over speed. Our awardees this evening have both. Our Iron Woman hides a competitive nature behind an easy and outgoing nature and colorful trail fashions. She is always one of those to go that extra loop / more miles after the “long run”. By mid-year…. Third place finishes at Catoctin and Fire on the Mountain 50K’s revealed the fire within. She showed her grit late in the year at the JFK 50. Our Iron Woman completed the hardest portion of the run, the first sixteen miles gliding over rock and root with the grace of a Gazelle, only to take a hard fall on the smooth and easy surface of the C&O Canal. Battered, she got up, walking it off before  running again. With all of that she had a great finish in about eight and a half hours. Even wedding plans reflect her Iron Woman mentality. No limo for this gal, no the rumor was the plan included snowshoeing to the chapel. I (Mike O’Grady) would also like to recognize her for organizing the “Shed Head” Run for the poor. That run yielded a van full of clothing and food, which she sorted, packed and gave to those in need. Thank you, your efforts represents the best of what the Shed Heads are about. Congratulations Angela Flowers-Russell.

Iron Man

Our Iron Man has strange ideas which few would incorporate into their training plan.

Hurt / Injured? The answer: Active recovery …. run more miles

Taper …. Maybe the day before a  race

Super Food …. Payday Candy Bars

Special Shoes …. No just road shoes

How appropriate our Iron Man’s first logged race last year was something called, it’s a tongue twister, Squirrelly Tail Twail Wun . It sets the tone.

As I looked through his races I could find a pattern. Run a 50K the weekend before 102 miler. The Silent Hundred Miler we can’t talk about. Shhh. Recalling the run, our Iron Man seemed to relish his hallucinations after eighty or ninety miles. My friend, no need to run a hundred miles, I’ll loan you my Mushrooms Book. Our Iron Man finished the Terrapin Mountain 50k and then hopped into his car driving hours to run a 5k, on an oval track, that night! The next morning he ran half marathon in a “slow” 1:49:00.

Isn’t that just the definition of fun?

It certainly takes a different mindset to be an Iron man / Iron Woman

Congratulations Steve Dobson.

Men’s Grand Master of the Year

Our Grand Master Runner is the poster child of consistency. No matter the distance he seems to be gliding with ease, as he competes with runners half his age. His season was highlighted by another MD State Grand Prix age group win along with his Steeps Grand Prix age group win.  His outstanding age graded performances placed him 2nd in both the equalizer series and summer decathlon. His top race performances of 2013 were the Market Street Mile in 5:39, the Rockville 10K in 42:24 and the Too Hot to Trot 10K Trail Run in 41:49. Acting as a pillar of the running community, he regularly sacrifices his own racing to act as a pacer for several local races, the Frederick Half Marathon, Baltimore 10 miler and Baltimore Marathon.  If you’ve ever had the privilege of running with him, you know he has a knack for pacing – no Garmin required. These races were easy to spot on our results spreadsheet because they are his only races that aren’t in the 80%, or national class, age grade range.  Congratulations on another great year and thank you for being such a staple of the running community, Malcolm Senior.

Women’s Grand Master of the Year

Our Women’s Grand Master Runner of the Year topped the 60+ age group in the grand prix series. In addition to her Grand Prix races, the Summer Decathlon 800m, the St. Johns 5K, Forest of Needwood 5 miler was 1:00:25 and Spook Hill 4 Miler in 46:02, she pushed herself to the half marathon distance, completing the Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half in September. She finished up her year with respectable age group results in the Headless Horseman 5k and the Thanksgiving Way Station Turkey Trot.  Congratulations to the Women’s Grand Master Runner of the Year, Margo Smith.

Men’s Masters Runner of the Year

Our Men’s Masters Runner of the Year can often be found in the ‘shed’ on Sunday mornings to log long runs on the trails, but is far from a slouch on the paved asphalt. He displayed his endurance and all terrain capabilities posting competitive results at Seneca Creek Trail Marathon (5:10), Catoctin 50K (6:49) and Rosaryville Veterans Day 50K (4:39). And, he was able to flash some more speed on the roads, representing the Steeps in the Club Challenge 10 mile with a 1:06:15, and the Frederick Half Marathon in 1:25:45. He completed two full road marathons in 2013, Charlottesville and Freedom’s Run, with consistency – 3:26:41 and 3:26:17 respectively.  Also, winner of the uber competitive 40 – 49 grand prix age group with a perfect 50 points… Congratulations, Masters Runner of the Year, David Welch.

Women’s Masters Runner of the Year

Often critical of her own race performances, our Women’s Masters Runner of the Year decided she needed to use altitude trailing to prepare for her 2013 race calendar. So, off to Afghanistan she went to serve our country while training at 5,000 feet. She made it home in time for her first Boston Marathon. 3:30 was the goal time she had in mind (which would be a 9 minute PR), so she came out with perfect pacing, reaching the half in 1:44:37. But the altitude training really paid off, because there was plenty left in the tank. She closed out the race with a negative split, finishing in 3:26:20. That result wasn’t enough to leave her satisfied. After a summer committed to her training plan, she knocked another 5 minutes off her marathon on a brutal Freedom’s Run coarse – finishing as 2nd female in 3:21:12. Finally she decided to relax and cruise to a 3:30:44 finish at Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon.  Other highlights of an outstanding year -winner of the Equalizer series, runner-up in the Grand Prix series and 3rd place in the summer decathlon, a 5K best at the Lewistown Tiger Trot in 19:59, an Army 10 Miler in 1:11:11, Masters winner at Market Street Mile in 6:01 and 2nd place at the Wattle Waddle 5 mile in 34:23.  Congratulations on a phenomenal year Keary Johnston.

Men’s Runner of the Year

Joining the Steeps early in 2013, our men’s runner of the year consistently wins races ranging from the track to 10 miles.  Out of the gate, he was the top Steep representative at the club challenge, posting a 60:35 and finishing 41st overall in an elite field of top club runners in Maryland. He posted his best 10 mile time of the year a month later while winning the Mission 10 Miler in 58:23. Other wins include the Market Street Mile with a time of 4:43, Spook Hill 4 mile in 23:51, Run for the Pie 10K in 39:27 and the Wattle Waddle 5 miler in 29:51.  These performances were strung together to accumulate a full 250 Grand Prix points. He clocked his fastest mile for the year at the Main Street Mile in Westminster with a time of 4:21 and another speedy time at the Breakaway 5K in a time of 17:19. A regimented training philosophy and dedication to the Jack Daniels’ training plan resulted an incredible year of racing for our Men’s Runner of the Year…Tim Snyder

Women’s Runner of the Year

After spending the 2012 season recovering from injury, our 2013 Women’s runner of the year came into the year ready to train hard and race working towards a target marathon of Ottawa in late May . She began the year with a series of 10 mile races, where the training showed – Club Challenge in 1:11:38, Rescue Mission 10 in a PR 1:08:56 followed up with yet another PR at Cherry Blossom in 1:07:21. Then she was the #1 Nut Job at the Frederick Running Festival, completing the 5k course in 19:55 on Saturday evening, followed up with another PR 1:29:38 Frederick Half Marathon on Sunday morning.  Why stop the PR’s there? A new marathon mark was set crossing the linein Ottawa in 3:17:16. In addition to 3rd place finishes in the Grand Prix and Equalizer series, she added wins at Potomac Highlands Run for the Gold Metric Marathon and Spook Hill 4 mile and 2nd place finishes at the Women’s Distance Festival and Market Street Mile. Congratulations on a fantastic year, Cassy Crouse.

Anderer Award

As a club we are so fortunate to have so many willing volunteers that put countless hours of time into making our club a success.  Determining the Anderer award was a very difficult task because there are so many worthy recipients.  The two couples that we chose are club service over achievers to say the least.

  • Our first two recipients have branched out the club in a new direction, enhancing our profile in the community by leading an outreach program that positively affected the lives of many local elementary school children. While working tirelessly to secure sponsorships for the Market Street Mile, these Anderer recipients approached the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek seeking a donation. Well, the Rotary Club agreed to a three year sponsorship IF the Steeplechasers would agree to start a running club at Lincoln Elementary School. This couple was up to the task, and behold, the Lincoln Panthers Running Club was born. From modest beginnings – 4 Lincoln Elementary students started the program, meeting twice a week after school for practice. The goal was for the students to participate in the Market Street Mile, but at the time some of the children could barely run across the parking lot. This dedicated couple was there twice a week, providing encouragement for these youngsters and as the weeks went by the Lincoln Panthers grew and got faster. In the end, the club reached 40 runners – many of them showing up to race the Market Street Mile.I’d like to present the 2013 Anderer Award recipients, Greg and Anne Light.This is really the Steeplechasers taking the next step as a club. I think everyone gains something from being part of this club, whether it is competition, training groups or fellowship. It is great to see people like Anne and Greg giving back, especially in an area of Frederick where most of the children come from unfortunate situations.
  • Our next two recipients seem like they are behind every recent advancement with the Steeplechasers. You have all renewed you FSRC membership, and it was easier because of them. You obviously all signed for this banquet, and it was easier because of them.Thanks to them, we know longer have to put checks to the Frederick Steeplechasers in the mail.He has developed the code and script so the competition committee no longer has the slow and arduous job of calculating race results for the grand prix series by hand. In addition he has created a system of mining the internet for race results for each club member. It didn’t stop there, formulas were created to graph results and illustrate trends in each runner’s performances. This has made the job of the competition committee so much easier, bringing more runners into consideration for awards and providing the means to objectively analyze performances. Now, more have a better chance to be recognized for their running accomplishments outside of the Grand Prix paces. As a couple, they have worked countless hours on the social committee to ensure us the opportunity to socialize as a club in a non-running atmosphere. This includes organizing happy hours, summer picnics, ice cream socials, and post-race tents at the Frederick Half Marathon and Freedom’s Run. And, oh yeah, take a look around. They are behind all of this too. He makes us great beer and she makes us cookies so beautiful you feel bad taking a bite out of them. I can’t even begin to fathom the hours these two put into the club in 2013. It is an honor to present the Anderer Award to Lou King and Harriet Langlois.

President’s Award

The President’s award is given to a person (s) whose contribution to running have transcended the boundaries of the Club by having made an exceptional contribution through the years to the running community at large.

This couple has been a staple in the club, some highlights of their longevity include

  • He was Most Improved 1988
  • She was Master runner of the year 1992

As a couple they were co-presidents from 2003-2004. She was the only female president in the first 35 years of the club.

She was the race director for the Women’s Distance Festival for the past half dozen years and he head of the all male course marshals and volunteers. Their dedication to the success of the Women’s Distance Festival has resulted in the raising of thousands of dollars for the Women’s Giving Circle and other charities before that. He has supported his wife in every way, helping out with all of the male volunteers and being a great host at the meetings at their home. What guy can pull off getting dozens of men to volunteer and wear shirts that read “Whatever she says” or “She’s the boss”.

Prior to being co-president, she was the club secretary. And she also received the Lewis Memorial in 2008. As a couple they were also on the social committee and she laid much of the groundwork for working with the Delaplaine center where we’ve been having the banquet for many years now.

The Baker Park 5k loop originally was known for years as the Garrett’s loop because it was created for her event. She held the Garretts 5k run in downtown Frederick ( in memory of her son who died in a tragic accident less than a mile from their home ) for 11 years.

She coordinated efforts with the club when two key members passed away, Merlin Porter-Borden and John Laughland.

They have always been key players at the finish line – helping Ken Anderer whenever possible. They’ve volunteered at many races, helped at the Frederick Half expo and tent. She is still the go to girl for registration at the Pink Ribbon Run in downtown Frederick for Patty Hurwitz.

This years President’s Award goes with much appreciation to Peggy and George Waxter.