Volunteer Appreciation 2014

The Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club is an “all-volunteer” organization. We have a passion for running, friendship, and community service. Our club would not be what it is today without our amazing volunteers. Whether you are an officer in the club or have come to help out at a few finish lines, we need you! There are many volunteer opportunities, and this is the best way to get to know other club members.

Club Members – 630

Club Members who have volunteered at least once – 128 (20%)

Gold Level Volunteers

Gold Level volunteers include club leadership, committee chairs, program leads, and people who have participated/volunteered in many club activities.

Primary Club Leadership

  • Pam Geernaeart – President
  • Crista Horn – Secretary, breakfast run, race support, marathon training, newsletter, Rick’s Run, JFK Aid station
  • Harriet Langlois – Treasurer, Social Chair, WDF Race Director, Panthers, newsletter, fall marathon, MSM/WDF websites, JFK Aid Station

Committees/Program Leads

  • Luanne Houck – Membership and Communications (Mailchimp/Facebook), Winter/Spring Half Marathon Training, WDF 5k Training, MSM and WDF 5k committees
  • Cassy Crouse – Competition, Article
  • Chad Ahalt – Competition, Winter/Spring Marathon Training, newsletter, summer decathlon
  • Mark Lawrence – Race Support/Training, MSM committee, Summer Decathlon, newsletter, Chi speaking, FRF training/race support
  • Lou King – Technology Chair, Social Chair, 7 Summer Decathlons, Panthers, MSM
  • Malcolm Senior – Newsletter Editor
  • Anne Light – MSM Race Director, Panthers Running Club, banquet, Frederick Half race support, WDF committee, training helper, 4 articles
  • Tim O’Keefe – Summer Decathlon, helped at 11 races, WDF and MSM committees, newsletter, JFK aid station
  • Bill Susa – Rick’s Run Race Director

Other Gold Level Volunteers

These are club members who have volunteered at many activities and events.

  • Billy Clem – Summer/Fall Marathon Training, helped with other training runs, newsletter
  • Dwayne Late – helped with finish line at 23 races
  • Janadel Harris – WDF 5k training, race support, Happy Hour organizer, spring/fall/winter marathon training, Gettysburg Tent
  • Keary Johnston – 3 finish lines, 5 decathlons, MSM committee, WDF race day, banquet, FRF tent, breakfast run, spring marathon training
  • Becky Boughn – helped at 12 races
  • Casii Dodd – MSM committee and helped at 17 WDF 5k training runs
  • Dan Rivers – Summer/Fall Half Marathon Training
  • Greg Light – Panthers, MSM, Frederick Half
  • Mike O’Grady – Ultra race chair, race support, photos, trail running lead
  • Paul Smeck – 3 finish lines, 4 decathlons, MSM committee, banquet, FRF Tent, breakfast runs
  • Joanne Cappocia – Race Support, spring marathon training, summer decathlon, Frederick Half
  • Jolene Miller – one finish line, 17 WDF training runs, Tuesday group, continued 5K group
  • Nicole Davis – 3 finish lines, WDF 5k training speaker and stretching lead, WDF training runs
  • Peggy Waxter – WDF 5k and MSM committees
  • Rick Albee – helped with 9 finish lines
  • Rich Potter – Website/Technology, attend committee meetings
  • Robin McConaughey – WDF 5K and MSM committees, 19 WDF 5k training runs
  • Scott Meredith – helped at 12 finish lines
  • Steve Dobson – Website/Technology, summer decathlon, WDF 5K

Silver Level Volunteers

Silver Level volunteers include club members who volunteered with several activities/events.

  • Amanda Lawrence
  • Art Gregory
  • Bev Black
  • Bill Haegele
  • Catherine Badger
  • Dana Leaman
  • Eddy Horn
  • Gary Geernheart
  • George Waxter
  • Javier Montenegro
  • Jenny Donaghue
  • Joe Basford
  • John Stuart
  • John Way
  • Karen Ochs
  • Karyn Spertzel
  • Kathy Turk
  • Katy Warehime
  • Kerry Shepherd
  • Kim Hessong-Woolsey
  • Korey Shorb
  • Leslie Nuse
  • Leslie Stipcak
  • Lisa Hickman
  • Marti Grib-Kachman
  • Matt Gorman
  • Paul Christiansen
  • Peter Strople
  • Rebecca Homer
  • Regina Clark
  • Robin Zabel
  • Roseann Abdu
  • Rupert Ballard
  • Ruth Taylor
  • Sage Norton
  • Sharon Boyer
  • Siobhan Leonardis
  • Steve Small
  • Susan Jensen