Volunteer Recognition – 2017

The Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club is an “all-volunteer” organization. We have a passion for running, friendship, and community service. Our club would not be what it is today without our amazing volunteers. Whether you are an officer in the club or have come to help out at a few finish lines, we need you! There are many volunteer opportunities and this is the best way to get to know other club members.

2017 Club Members –  918 (as of end of September)

2017 Club Members who have volunteered at least once – 213 (23%)

32 new Silver volunteers since 2015, 8 new awardee in Gold (very active volunteers are staying active and 12 people went from Silver to Gold)

Gold Level Volunteers

Total Gold Volunteers – 52

Gold Level volunteers include club leadership, committee chairs, program leads, and people who have participated/volunteered in many club activities.

Primary Club Leadership

  • Jill Cameron – President, FRF, Intervals, financial audits, WDF 5k, 5 races, MSM, Scholarship
  • Eric Cameron – Vice President, Public Relations, financial audits, 6 races, WDF 5k, MSM
  • Harriet Langlois – Treasurer, WDF 5k, MSM, Rick’s Run, Summer Solstice 8k, 9 races, etc.
  • Nicole Davis – Secretary, Intervals, Trail Running, Store, 3 races, Training Programs

Committees/Program Leads

  • Roseann Abdu – Newsletter, WDF5k
  • Chad Ahalt – Panther’s Running Club
  • Billy Clem – Training Programs
  • Pam Geernaert – Education, Board of Directors
  • Art Gregory – Social, 2 races
  • Josh Henson – Panther’s Running Club
  • Crista Horn – Rick’s Run, 3 races, Scholarship
  • Luanne Houck – Communications
  • Lou King – Technology, Board of Directors, Store, MSM, 11 races, WDF 5k, tech help for multiple events, etc.
  • Mark Lawrence – Race Support, Board of Directors, Competition
  • David Levine – Summer Solstice 8k
  • Liz Liotta – MSM
  • Nikki Martin – Membership, coach, 3 races
  • Shannon Matthews – Competition, 1 race
  • Kerry McHugh – Membership, WDF 5k, 3 races
  • Lori Mensh, Volunteer Appreciation, 1 race
  • Heidi Novak – Social, ccoach x 2, 2 races
  • Mike O’Grady – Scholarship, Intervals, race photographer
  • Time O’Keefe – Decathlon, Social, Board of Directors, 8 races
  • Josh Roane, Store, coach, 2 races, Social
  • Syble Roane – Social, coach, 3 races
  • Ruth Taylor, Competition, Social, Decathlon, 1 race
  • Crystal Tressler – Coach, 2 races
  • Chris VanSant – Racing Team, 6 races
  • Peggy Waxter – MSM, 2 races

Other Gold Level Volunteers

These are club members who have volunteered at many activities and events.

Crys Achuo, Rich Albee, Brent Ayer, Dinny Bedard, Becky Boughn, Casii Dodd, Marti Grib Kachman, Jenny Hallberg, David Horn, Kate Kynvin, Dwayne Late, Anne Light, Robin McConaughey, Javier Montenegro, Sage Norton, Liz Ortiz, Rachel Ridgway, Malcom Senior, Peter Strople, Katie Warehime, Gwyn Whieldon, Robin Zabel, Sigrid Zimmerman

Silver Level Volunteers

Total Silver Volunteers – 44

Silver Level volunteers include club members who volunteered with several activities/events.

Qassim Abdullah, Joe Basford, Robbie Blaylock, Pam Burke, Paul Christiansen, Risa Clem, Craig Combs, Kristin Cunningham, Matt Feltenstein, Catherine Forrence, Dee Gager, Gary Geernaert, Mike Geisler, John Godinet, Dave Hartman, Lucy Horn, Azhar Ibrahim, Susan Jensen, Keary Johnston, Nancy Kavanaugh, Bonnie Key, Katelin Knepley, Matt Knepley, Ken Kotchenreuther, Evan Machusak, Katie Malone, Erica McCann, Scott Meredith, David Miller, Ammenah Noor, Stephanie Ottivan, Carl Pritchard,  Jim Salley, Jason Scaroni, Louis Schiavone, Anne Shubert, Kerry Shepherd, Paul Smeck, Christine Stafford, John Stuart, John Way, Kim Whalen, Jay Wolfe, Susan Wolfe